The industry upgrades emerging products

The whirlwind of upgrading from the IT community has spread to the gift market. The entire gift market has undergone drastic changes, surging, and the pattern of tripartite formation of the original Chinese, Moutai, and Naolung has been broken. The pattern of the gift market has abruptly changed, and the entire industry has been fully upgraded. Emerging products have been exposed in the gift industry, and China, Moutai, and Platinum have been replaced.

A well-known survey agency in Shanghai was commissioned by customers to conduct a professional, in-depth, and detailed investigation of the Chinese gift market industry. According to the data feedback results, at present, China’s gift market is experiencing the pain of industrial upgrading. A large number of traditional gifts have been abandoned or forced to upgrade, and some new products with creativity, green, low-carbon and environmental protection have risen suddenly and have emerged. The limelight is almost equal to the products of the “national” name, and it even makes those traditional gifts of rivers and lakes shudder. The distribution map of the entire domestic gift market also has local characteristics. Due to its close proximity to the coast, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai are relatively early in reform and opening up, and their economies are developed, and their ideas are relatively open. Therefore, it is the vanguard of the gift market. The concepts that have emerged from foreign countries are the first to be introduced into these cities. From south to north, they are advanced from east and west and spread out. Apple's "touch-screen concept" is still strong in China. Apple's products are not only communication tools, but have become the "guests" on the gift market. In addition, the value of various emerging products, especially some products related to the concept of “touch screen”, has also risen. For example, touch screen gloves, touch screen watches, touch screen players and other products. Of course, in the gift market in the North and in the West, this escalation seems to have come a bit later. On the one hand, it may be because of the level of economic development in these areas, and the other is related to the ideological and cultural aspects of these areas.

For example, in the developed coastal regions of the South, the practicality of gifts for consumers is relatively neglected, and the creativity, fashion, brand, and other elements rich in gifts are more enthusiastic. In the north and west, consumers still hold gifts. The practicality is a soft spot.

In the industrial upgrading of the gift market, Shanghai and Beijing have become the leaders of both the North and the South, and the concept of consumption they advocate is gradually expanding throughout the country and is accepted across the country.

The author interviewed Wang Wei, an authoritative person in the field of gift sales. He said: "At present, China's gift market is in the turmoil of industrial upgrading. A large number of brands and enterprises will be eliminated by the market. This will inevitably affect the survival of some enterprises in the manufacturing industry and increase the number of laid-off workers in relevant industries. But at the same time, A group of companies will also be created, and a group of dark horse companies will break out of the company, such as touch-screen gloves and other companies such as the “touching people”. Therefore, the extraordinary shock of the gift market can be understood as an inevitable phenomenon of an industry upgrade.”

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