Six taboos that must be paid attention to in sales work

[China Glass Network] Description: The taboo on sales work, we also tell a lot, the details of the sales staff should pay attention to, the sales team should pay attention to what and so on. Here, we continue to tell you about the major taboos that should be paid attention to in sales work!

[One of the sales taboos: no sales plan]

The basic rule of sales work is to develop sales plans and sell as planned. Sales planning management includes both how to set a realistic sales target and how to implement it. The specific content includes: on the basis of analyzing the current market situation and the current situation of the enterprise, formulating clear sales targets, return targets, and other qualitative and quantitative objectives; preparing budget and budget allocation plans according to goals; implementing specific executives, responsibilities and time .

However, many companies have a series of problems in the management of sales plans: such as untargeted annual, quarterly, and monthly market development plans; sales targets are not based on accurately grasping market opportunities and effectively organizing corporate resources. But patted the head and took it out;

The sales plan was not broken down by region, customer, product, salesman, etc., so that the plan could not be implemented. The management of the company only gave the salesperson a target number, but did not guide the salesman to formulate the implementation plan; The content of the work has never been specifically quantified to the head of each salesperson.

As there is no clear market development plan, the result of the company's sales work has lost its goal, various sales strategies, programs, measures are not matched, the budget is uncertain, personnel are not implemented, sales activities have no space and time concept, and there is no sales process monitoring and Effect test measures. In this way, in a highly competitive market, the company's sales are like a buffalo that breaks into the fire, and the east and the west collide and collide with each other.

[Sales of the big taboo: the process has no control]

As long as the result, regardless of the process, does not supervise and control the salesman's sales actions, this is a common problem in enterprises. This caused a series of problems: the salesman's action was unplanned, there was no assessment; the salesman's actions could not be controlled, so that the sales plan was not guaranteed; the salesman's sales activity process was opaque, the business operation risk increased; the salesman worked Inefficiency, high sales costs; salesman's sales level is not improved, sales team is not working.

[Sales of the big taboo: the customer has no management]

A grain of wheat has three fates: one is to burn the face and be consumed by people to realize its own value; the second is to sow seeds as seeds, produce a fruitful fruit, and create new value; the third is due to poor storage, wheat mildew Degenerate and lose your value.

That is to say, if properly managed, wheat will realize its own value or create new value for human beings; if it is not well managed, it will lose its own value. By the same token, the company has a good management of the customer, the customer will have sales enthusiasm, will actively cooperate with the manufacturer's policy, and strive to sell the product; poor management will lead to sales risks. At present, the problems that are common in the sales process, such as the customer's disloyalty to the enterprise, the phenomenon of stockpiling, and the piles of accounts receivable, are the result of improper management of the customer.

[four of sales taboos: no feedback on information]

Information is the life of business decisions. The salesperson is in the front line of the market, and is more aware of market trends, the characteristics of consumers, the changes of competitors, and the requirements of dealers. This information is timely feedback to enterprises, which has important significance for decision-making. On the other hand, sales activities The problems that exist in China must also be reported to the higher authorities in a timely manner so that the management can make timely countermeasures. However, many companies have not established a systematic business reporting system and have not collected and fed back information in a timely manner.

It is not terrible that there is a problem with the sales of the company. The terrible thing is that companies can't find out the problems that occur in all aspects of the company's marketing activities in a timely manner, and make timely feedback on management, so that these problems can be quickly resolved without causing major harm to the enterprise.

Why are some corporate customer files unrealistic for a long time? Why are some corporate receivables constantly occurring and not corrected? Why are some of the same kind of incidents caused by companies repeatedly failing to cure? Why are some serious problems in marketing that cannot be discovered for a long time? Once discovered, it is already on the verge of bankruptcy and unable to return to the sky! The root cause is the lack of monitoring and management of various information that occurs during the marketing management of enterprises, especially the lack of timely institutional management feedback.

[Five sales jealous five: performance no assessment]

Many companies do not regularly evaluate the sales performance of salesmen. The enterprise regularly conducts quantitative and qualitative assessments of sales personnel, including assessing sales results, such as sales, return amount, profit amount, and number of customers;

Evaluate sales actions, such as the average number of visits per day by the salesperson, the time spent on each visit, the average revenue per day of sales visits, the average cost per visit, the average number of orders per 100 visits, and the number of new customers developed over time. The number of old customers lost in a certain period of time, the proportion of salesman's expenses in total sales, etc.; qualitative assessment of salespersons, such as assessing the spirit of cooperation, enthusiasm for work, loyalty to the company, etc.

On the one hand, the assessment of the salesperson is an important basis for determining the remuneration, rewards and punishments, elimination and promotion of sales personnel, thus mobilizing the enthusiasm of the salesperson; on the other hand, reviewing and analyzing the performance of the salesperson can help the salesman to improve. An important part of sales management is to cultivate the sales ability of the salesman. If the salesman does not improve, it will not improve sales performance.

[six of the sales taboo: the system is not perfect]

Many companies have no system-supported sales management system and sales management policies that match various sales management systems. A company's sales work can not think of big problems, the prerequisite is that there are no obvious defects and omissions in the company's sales management system, the sales management system system is matched, checks and balances, and there are corresponding sales management policies and Match.

Many enterprises' sales management systems are not matched, as if they lack a wooden barrel and cannot hold water. The characteristics are: many should be encouraged without being encouraged, and some should be punished without system regulations; The behavior that should be encouraged lacks the institutional rewards and regulations, and there is no corresponding punishment system for the prohibited behaviors; the rewards cannot be honored in time, and the punishment cannot be actually implemented.

Establish a complete sales management system
Practice shows that unmanaged sales has become a trap that restricts the smooth development of corporate sales. To do a good job in product sales, companies must establish a sound sales management system.

1. Sales plan management. The core content is the rational decomposition of sales targets in all important aspects. These aspects include variety, region, customer, salesman, and settlement method. The sales method and time schedule, the decomposition process is not only the implementation process but also the persuasion process. At the same time, the rationality and challenge of the target can be tested through decomposition, and the problem can be adjusted in time. A reasonable and realistic sales plan can reflect the market crisis and reflect market opportunities in the implementation process. It is also the key to strict management and ensuring sales efficiency and work.

2. Salesman action process management. The core content is the main work surrounding the sales work, managing and monitoring the actions of the salesperson, so that the salesman's work is concentrated on valuable projects.

Including: monthly sales plan, monthly action plan and weekly action plan, daily sales report, monthly work summary and next month work points, mobile sales forecast, competitive product analysis, market inspection work report, weekly visit route, market registration office Reports, etc.

3. Customer management. The core tasks of customer management are enthusiasm management and market risk management. The key to mobilizing customer enthusiasm and enthusiasm lies in profit and prospects; the key to market risk management is customer credit, capability and market price control. Management methods and methods include: customer information card, customer strategy card, customer monthly evaluation card, etc.

4. Results management. The salesman action result management includes two aspects. First, performance evaluation, first, market information research. Performance evaluation includes: sales volume and payment status, sales report system implementation, sales expense control, compliance management, market planning, and progress. Information research includes: company performance, competitor information, such as quality information, price information (two batches and retail), variety information, market trends, customer information.

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