The countermeasures of the shoes and clothing enterprises in the home economic era

At present, the rhythm of urban work has accelerated, and many white-collar families have no time to go shopping on the street, so a huge “home” economic market is quietly born. In particular, with the popularization and development of the Internet, house-living has become more and more prominent and the home-economy cake has become bigger and bigger. The online shopping that has been spawned has naturally become a favorite of urban otaku nerds, including shoes. The proportion of online shopping services is second to none.

What is the home economy? As the name suggests, it is an emerging economic model that homes are at home, where shopping and other activities are completed through internet and other media. Compared with the traditional economic model, it has the remarkable features of low cost and high efficiency, and thus it has become the new darling of the information age. It is just like the "Sunshine Otaku," the leader of the fashion leader Jay Chou, sings the life of urban white-collar workers.

Since the vast majority of the home economy is related to online channels, and the shoes and clothing products are indispensable components of economic consumption in the home, the online channels will no doubt become the most convenient way for the current family to purchase shoes and apparel products. The way. Therefore, the shoe and clothing industry can take advantage of the "home economy" market characteristics to promote their own brand marketing, or through e-commerce promotion platform or community site or Weibo and other media to achieve.

Such as domestic brands Anta, special steps and so on. These shoe companies directly from the Taobao Mall on the line directly into the mall, opened the company's corresponding agent stores, sales have now expanded to several decades in previous years, even if its manufacturers and agents in some areas have also opened The online shop, but its online sales are still rising.

In addition, they launched their group purchase activities through the official website of their own brand, and opened a series of flagship stores and online professional shopping malls on the shopping network. They even opened a so-called large-scale shopping site directly. As a result, it has brought unstoppable sales performance.

In reviewing the situation, more and more shoe and clothing companies have started to build their own brand's marketing value around the consumer's “home economy”. At the same time, more and more shoe and clothing companies with physical stores have begun to build outside the traditional channels. Corresponding to the network sales channels. But comprehensively speaking, we can easily find that China's shoe and clothing industry is now setting off a wave of online marketing waves, and the scale is also getting bigger and bigger, and the forms are becoming more and more abundant. This is undoubtedly also becoming popular nowadays. The "home" economy has injected a new vitality.

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