"Blooming Paris" - Weisiman 2012 spring and summer new release

November 6, the city's first fashion brand image of women --- WSM, "bloom in Paris" in the romantic city of Zhuhai gesture, held a grand 2012 spring and summer new conference, release 2012 spring and summer trends. Conference site star-studded, celebrities gathered. Hundreds of new and old customers gathered together to share the festival, and several authoritative media came to cover the news. Senior leaders such as Wei Lin, vice chairman of China National Garment Association and Huang Xiaojie, chief investment officer of Jiuding Investment Co., Ltd. were also invited to attend.

The conference by the French women's brand WSM hand in hand the top planning team together to create a visual feast for the guests at the scene in full of art and modern atmosphere feel the French fashion art. The conference stage layout to create a thick French style, and changing the French architecture, street view, cafes, art galleries video screen, leading us all into the WSM brand style birthplace --- Paris Marais area, feel French classical and avant-garde, art and fashion, elegant and modern, romantic and free.

Outstanding fantastic model interpretation of the French spring and summer 2012 full of French chic charm, Disco night, romantic bohemian, dreamland, passion Hawaii, 70's fairy tale ... ... each theme series are all to convey the WSM brand is determined to create for urban women The elegant, confident, romantic and modern brand new image, delivering a positive and optimistic attitude to life, advocating fashionable art life, meeting urban women's weekly work, leisure weekends and urban PARTY.

"WSM is not simply a symbol of a fashion brand, she is more in the performance of an elegant, modern attitude to life, through the delicate combination of French taste, express the independent personality and values ​​of urban women. Courage to find self and Charm, changing life with an image, knowing how to love yourself, enjoying the beauty of life, the world changes for you. "Domi CHIN, Head of Brand Design, WSM said.


Wei Siman from the Paris Marais district, blending the French fashion elegance, romance and sophistication of Parisian women, modern. With its elegant interpretations of French tastes, it has become an internationally renowned women's brand, becoming a refined and elegant representative and active in the world fashion arena. Paris Marais district is located on the right bank of the Seine, between the three districts and four districts of Paris, a long history, in 1815, Ma Lai has become the middle class in Paris. Today's Marais district is an area full of pleasure, here, full of historical charm of the old streets, young artists personalized shops. The colorful cafes, bars, bookstores, the former residence of Hugo and the 17th century Picasso Museum of Fine Arts combine classicism with avant-garde to create a perfect blend of living, modernism and modernity.

Weisiman brand since 1998 successfully entered the Chinese market, has become more than 300 franchise stores, marketing network all over the country more than 100 large and medium-sized cities of well-known brands, and has hired Wen Bixia, Li Xiang, Gigi as brand ambassador, and more Times won the "most valuable brand", "the most brand competitive brand", "brand culture innovation award" and so on.

In 2011, Weismann reloaded to a new image in Guangzhou, is committed to become the first urban fashion image brand, for women to create a more elegant, more confident, more modern, more romantic image.


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