The creation and arrangement of landscape painting

China's landscape paintings have a long history and have been around for more than 1,600 years. However, the earliest landscape paintings that can be seen today should probably be the “Traveling Spring Maps” of Sui Zizi’s paintings. This painting depicts the landscape’s potential, with a sense of distance.

After the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and even modern times, Chinese landscape paintings radiated the artistic brilliance of the times, representing the unique features and individualities of Oriental art. Ancient landscape painters have created extremely rich landscape painting works and theories, which have not only enriched the treasures of world art, but also provided us with rich materials for learning.

Today’s era requires us to create outstanding landscape paintings. This must first inherit the fine traditions of Chinese landscape painting, and use the teacher’s fortification to learn and dig into nature to make it distinctive in style, emotional and rich in images. There are both traditions and new ideas. At the same time, we must pay attention to sketches, teachers, and nature. Chinese painting has always advocated emphasizing the artist's emotions, feelings and emotions, not making illness-free encounters, thinking how to paint and painting, and how to draw; It is neither concrete nor abstract; it is grasping the spiritual essence of Chinese painting. In terms of mountains and rivers, it is a preaching for rivers and mountains. Its strokes are free and easy to fall apart. The ancients said that the view of mountains was full of mountains, and that the viewers felt very warm through the changes in the wet and dry shades of the screen.

To learn from tradition, it is necessary to learn various techniques used by predecessors in painting, such as the painting of trees, the techniques of various rocks, the flowing of clouds, the embellishment of buildings and boats, and the techniques of composition. To learn, first of all, Linyi ancient people's famous hand. When painting is done, it must be easy to make it difficult to find the shape first, and then strive to be like a god, and to appreciate the painting and the artistic conception. With certain techniques, it laid a firm foundation for creation. Many famous painters in China have passed this course.

Pen and ink should be on time. Today's landscape paintings must reflect the new look of the motherland's magnificent rivers and mountains. This requires the artist to go to nature and use creation as a teacher. Through in-depth observation of nature and careful analysis, he can create good works. Past painters have set an example for us. History Rumors Wu Daozi - Three hundred li of the Japanese painting of the Jialing River in Datong Dianbi. This is because he once lived in Sichuan and was familiar with the Jialing River landscape. He had a theme of the Jialing River landscape in his chest and collected drafts. Jing Hao painted the famous Taihang Mountain map and made a famous work. It is also because he covers the Taihang Mountain valley. He has long observed carefully the changes of the stone structure, the growth of trees, and the cloud of Taihang Mountain, laying the foundation for his creation. Huang Binhong, a modern painter, made great progress in his landscape paintings in his later years. He was also a traveler who lived in the middle of the mountain and faced the mountains and rivers. He created many treasures.

For the artist's good fortune, he wants the painter to consciously go to nature to observe the situation of the mountains and rivers. He will familiarize himself with the situation of the mountains and rivers and the posture of the trees from the structure of the stone and the changes in cloud and smoke to the chest and fall on paper. However, nature is vast and infinite, and not every corner can be painted. When choosing a sketchbook, you must make a choice and be comfortable. You must not paint all the sights you see. Because of the artist's different methods, some like to paint panoramic views, and some only take a corner, but they must draw the characteristics of mountains and rivers. Such as Huangshan Qi, Emei Xiu, Qing Chengshan, the characteristics of the quiet, absolutely can not draw the way to paint the Lijiang River landscape. Another example is that the trees of Changbai Mountain, Tianshan Mountain, Huangshan Mountain, and the pine of Taishan Mountain are all trees, and their performance techniques are different due to different characteristics.

We know that art comes from life and above life, and sketching only provides material for creation. The painter selected further materials in the sketch and later entered the creative stage. In the creation, sometimes it can be based on a sketch painting, and sometimes the sketch paintings can be integrated into a painting. However, it is necessary to highlight the theme and leave things that are irrelevant to the theme. In order to highlight the theme, we must also increase the number of trees and flowing water to make the landscape appear more beautiful, rich, and more ethereal. Pay attention to the virtual reality of the picture. This is the problem of the landscape painting.

The finishing of a landscape painting is very important. When dealing with close-range, medium-range and long-range landscapes, we must show the level. In the close-up scene, the stones and trees in the shots are thicker, heavier, and clearer. The medium shot is the second, but the medium shot often occupies an important position in the painting. Therefore, it is necessary to describe the scenery. In other words, the long-term use of ink should be lighter, and the use of pens should also be concise and add to the sense of embarrassment. The distance between medium and distant perspectives must be wide open to receive a sense of distance. At the same time, in the process of creation and arrangement, To strive for change, the trend of the mountains, the destination of the water, the direction of the mountains, and the arrangement of the premises must be reasonable and reasonable. A landscape painting should give people the feeling of being able to view, swim and possibly live, but also leave room for people to think about it. For beginner landscape painting, it is often possible to begin painting. The more you arrange the scenery, the more you draw a picture, and the result becomes a piece of waste paper.

To sum up, to draw a good landscape painting, in addition to clever composition, the final finishing is also very important. In addition, using ink with a pen requires a high degree of skill and a verve. This requires the painter to have a profound basic character as well as a noble character. It is often said that the three souls are one and the same. At the same time, it is necessary to have a very high literary accomplishment, so that the landscape painting is vivid and full of beauty, reaching the superb realm of paintings with poetry and paintings.

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