Ching Man Women "double egg" return Customer Love New Year gift non-stop send

Of course, New Year's day is the first important holiday of the year. In this festive day, each store of Winmund Womenswear launches the ultimate of "Christmas Carnival Night and Happy Offer in New Year's Day" Promotions, "New Year's New Gifts" return customers.


Young Man Women new products

Time: December 10 - January 8


a, New Year's New Year, the audience folded 4.8.

b, where shopping is a gift for the New Year (while supplies last).

c, launched the New Year's main push specials 6.8 fold.

d. discount shopping over 888 yuan can get mobile recharge card 30 yuan.

To welcome the arrival of the new year. Hundred dollars thoughtfully head. The company will 3258 original price 529 yuan. Hundred yuan supply. This year the lowest discount, hope that the new year more innovative performance!

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