Post-holiday gold prices rise rapidly

The price of investment gold bars was still at 351.1 yuan per gram on January 20, and rose to 364.2 yuan per gram on February 5, and rose by more than 13 yuan per gram in just half a month. What caused the price of gold to rise so fast after the holiday season?

According to China Gold Zhejiang and China flagship store, Jinhua City Tianqi jewelry general manager Shao Shaobo introduced, according to previous sales situation, years ago is often the sales season, but this year during the Spring Festival to buy gold particularly many people. Because on January 25 this year, international spot gold soared from 1,650 US dollars / ounce, and soon climbed to 1,738 US dollars / ounce. Many people who had intended to wait and see looked at the rising price of gold, and they could not help but join the ranks of buying gold. Some securities enthusiasts have also begun to turn to gold investment. It is reported that the main reason for the rise in the price of gold is that international gold prices often cater to Chinese traditional festivals. After the year, international gold prices will generally rise. Coupled with the European debt crisis, the global economic downturn, tensions in Iran, and the proposed exchange of gold between countries for oil, it also indirectly promoted the rise in the price of gold.

The industry believes that the trend of gold in 2012 is still promising. The gold price “roller coaster” that appeared in the year of the rabbit may still repeat itself in the year of the dragon. However, the main points of investment are in terms of capacity, batch purchase and long-term holding.

"Many people who invest in physical gold and hold it for a long time, because of the special nature of physical gold, there are often many concerns in mind. Now that there is a very effective solution," Yu Shaobo said, "Chinese gold has been provided since years ago. An investment in physical gold value-added storage business, that is, physical gold depositors enjoy equivalent bank deposit interest rates during the storage period.” Formula used to express: income = amount of stored gold × real-time basis price of gold × bank deposits over the same period Annual interest rate. The customer not only reduced the inconvenience of physical gold storage but also gained considerable interest in storage. It is reported that this business has been welcomed by gold investors.


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