Japanese-funded apparel companies to reduce the distance between production and demand

In the face of fierce domestic and foreign market competition environment, Japanese companies in China launched a more intense market battle. In order to be the final winner, companies have made significant progress in the planning system and marketing strategy adjustments. The measures adopted by the Japanese-funded enterprises mainly include the establishment of a planning department for domestic and domestic sales; the development of a series of products targeted at China's middle-class consumer groups; and under the dominant marketing model of direct-in-store department store stores, the official launch of recruitment agencies to expand sales. Network; enhance support for storefronts, enhance the digestibility of store merchandise, etc. These measures may serve as a reference and guidance for the long-term development of enterprises in the industry.

Before accelerating planning work in China, Japan mostly completed the planning work for its Chinese companies in Japan. However, due to differences in the market demand for product functions and designs between Japan and China, Japanese companies in China have begun to consider doing their best. The location of the company completed the planning work. Recently, Wacoal, a well-known Japanese underwear brand, has expanded its business functions in China. At present, Wacoal's branding rate in China accounts for 90%. Salute China also started its planning work in China two years ago, but as of last year, the company's autumn and winter product planning work was done by Japanese designers. In order to catch market trends and meet the special needs of Chinese women, Salute China sent Japanese designers to China to complete the planning work last year. Salute China is expected to have more than 50% local planning this year. Beginning this autumn and winter, Japanese designers will go to China to fully host the product planning process including the Wacoal brand.

Expansion of first-tier and second-tier cities The number of Japanese-funded enterprises currently operating in-store malls in China has reached 478 stores, effectively consolidating their market positions in China's first and second-tier cities. Due to the low investment pressure of the agent sales model and the rapid expansion, the Japanese companies will further expand their sales network in China through the agency model to establish a sales network for local cities other than provincial capital cities. At present, there are about 228 dealers in Japanese companies, and they plan to expand at a rate of 100/year in the future.

Shanghai Yi Du Jin has added sales management agencies with sales, store managers and training managers as its members in major cities since last year. The staff members are all from the local area. This year, following Wuhan, the company’s business in Nanjing will also be on track. While nurturing local talents, Yidujin also strictly implements sales management work in important business districts in order to achieve efficient operation and management in key regions and ultimately achieve the goal of enhancing product digestibility. From February 1, Shanghai Yi Du Jin Fashion Center officially launched the store's unified management distribution function. Each of the youthful and mature outfits is equipped with one full-time post. They pay close attention to the sales trends of the stores every day, and take Zhou as the The unit summarizes the sales situation of the products on the storefront, and carries out unified recycling management for the products with unsalable sales and backlog. At the same time, they also interacted with the heads of marketing and started planning on the seasonal products to ensure the continued freshness of products on the shelves.

As of the end of last year, the company had 137 stores, most of which were stores in stores. This year, the number of out-stores and new stores will remain basically the same. From this year onwards, the company will shift its focus to exploring the local city market and gradually start its agent business model.

Japan's frontline trump card Japan's Atsugi (Shanghai) fashion trade, which has its own factory in the city of Yantai in Shandong Province and is designed for domestic sales, has already been put into production. Compared with the base price of the imported spring and summer products imported from the company's current stores in China, which is 98 yuan, the price of the products produced by the Yantai factory is only 40-70 yuan, which fills the gap in the demand of the rapidly growing middle class. At present, the development of shopping mall channels has basically come to an end. To further develop the middle-class consumer market, Atsugi (Shanghai) has introduced sales channels such as specialty stores and general retail sales (GMS) since last year, and developed it according to the preferences of Chinese women. Market approved products. It is expected that in the next few years, Atsugi (Shanghai) will complete internal sales of domestic products in China by 20% to 30%, and the number of stores in the company's stores will also reach 350.

Shanghai Sanyang Fashion Commerce introduced the Japanese brand SmackyGlam and expanded its product line according to the characteristics of the Chinese market. The company's sales of products planned for fall and winter last year were optimistic, and some products even appeared out of stock. In early autumn, the company first sold products planned in Japan, and adjusted the proportion of spring and summer products planned in China according to market sales conditions, expanding the categories of sweaters and overcoats. At present, the company's sales in China has accounted for 50% of local planning products.

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