Hankou North Production and Marketing Link to Revitalize Han School Apparel

Hanzheng Street is experiencing the painful nirvana of rebirth. Today, it has been more than a year since the start of the overall relocation of Hanzheng Street. According to the latest statistical data, out of a total of 20041 merchants in Hanzheng Street, Hankou North Market has taken in about 55% of them, a total of 11,116 merchants, mostly concentrated in shoes, leather goods, small commodities, hotel supplies and other industries.

On March 28th, the eyes of the industry will once again focus on the north of Hankou, and the Hankou North International Commodity Exchange Center brand clothing city will start operations. About 3,000 Hanpai clothing, boutique women's wear, boutique men's wear and children's clothing brand operators will carry more than 20,000 brands. Dressed up. The market will use superior software and hardware support and a brand new market mode of origin to promote the Wuhan garment market to a new level, and to refresh the new height of Wuhan's wholesale industry.

Market environment restricts the position of the Wuhan clothing market. Clothing is the core category of Hanzheng Street. The clothing market of Hanzheng Street was once one of the top ten garment markets in the country. Under the influence of urban planning, transportation logistics, and obsolete business models, the status of the “leading boss” of Hanzheng Street is now declining. It is far less famous than the markets of Guangzhou Baima, Humen Fumin and Fujian Shishi.

Zheng Bin, president of the Hanzheng Street Garment Merchants Association, said that one of the most important reasons is that the Hanzheng Street has become a deadlocked logistics environment and has completely restricted the expansion of the industrial clusters in Hanzheng Street. The rise of the clothing wholesale industry in Wuhan urgently requires a new platform to upgrade.

Known as the “Nine Provinces Wanted” in Wuhan, the unique geographical advantages and convenient transportation promote the strong rise of the clothing wholesale industry in Hanzheng Street. And now, the traffic environment of Hanzheng Street is extremely poor and there are no roads out of the city. The traffic advantage of the Wuhan clothing wholesale industry has been greatly reduced.

On the other hand, in the domestic market, Yiwu market infrastructure construction has experienced five generations in the past 20 years, from the street market to the indoor market, from the safe and uninterrupted “shopping style” to the star-rated Expo Center with gardens and perfect services. Hanzheng Street, which lacks a good market hardware platform, is not surprising.

At the same time, with the continuous development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of people’s lives, many clothing wholesalers crowded at Hanzheng Street are still facing the demand positioning of the rural market and losing mature and discerning urban customers, resulting in the weakening of the dynamic mechanism. Apparel wholesalers lack good hardware environment and are difficult to upgrade their brands and operations. They have long been low-grade and low-value-added products. The number of companies is large but their scale is small. This has become an important obstacle to the development of wholesale clothing and wholesale industries in Wuhan. .

Since the full “ban on goods” at Hanzheng Street in August last year, the pain in the clothing wholesale market of Hanzheng Street has intensified. The government has deployed Hanzheng Street to transfer to Hankou North as a whole, and has achieved a comprehensive transformation and upgrading, which has brought great opportunities for the development of the clothing wholesale industry in Wuhan.

The overall relocation steadily promoted the Hankou North garment wholesale market to be sought after. On March 28th, the nation’s largest single clothing market, Hankou North Brand Clothing City, was put into trial operation for the first phase of 300,000 square meters, and about 3,000 Hanpai clothing, boutique women’s wear, and boutique menswear. Children's clothing brand operators will be dressed up.

Prior to this, many Hanzheng Street merchants proved their choice with actions. At the end of 2010, the night before the opening of Hankou North Brand Clothing City, more than 200 merchants rushed to line up. In the opening three days, more than 60% of the shops were sold, creating the leading level of domestic similar projects. More than 60% of the clothing city's customers come from Hanzheng Street, becoming the largest ground for commercial outdoor relocation.

Recently, the reporter saw on the scene that the clothing giant’s No. 2 Giant’s Atrium has an area of ​​5,000 square meters, which can be used for fashion shows and product launches. There are as many as 18 flat elevators in the market, and the density has reached the highest level in the national wholesale market, which can smoothly realize the circulation within the logistics. Clothing City hard decoration level beyond the city shopping center, with a large area of ​​paint glass, gold foil wallpaper, rose gold door and other elements highlight the sense of quality, creating a thick, magnificent "hall-class" commercial space.

In the branded apparel city, businesses and shops with 6 and 8 shops abound. The expansion of shop houses, expansion of product categories, and display promotion not only drive business households to increase market positioning, but also inspire brand upgrading, warehousing, display, and transaction functions, and improve the functions of e-commerce and other formats. Many wholesalers will bid farewell to simple The mode of transit of goods improves overall efficiency and greatly enhances market competitiveness.

Five years ago, Hanzheng Street decided to gradually strip out functions such as clothing production, warehousing and logistics. From the forced relocation to the active transfer, the 500-year-old Hanzheng Street has been moving further and more calmly. Many wholesale merchants stated that Wuhan's distribution function could not be cloned in any other cities. Hankou North, as an emerging professional market, extended and upgraded the wholesale function of Hanzheng Street, and will polish Wuhan as the largest wholesale clothing market in Central China.

The 3,000-mu industry supporting the new model of joint production and sales in the north of Hankou is a necessary way for brand owners with strong capabilities to choose to move out. Some clothing merchants reported that with the proliferation of many processing parks to surrounding cities, the clothing industry in Hanzheng Street is gradually separated, the market is gradually decentralized, logistics costs are increasing, and the wholesale clothing market is still tepid, but there is still a trend of further decline. .

These merchants also believe that the prosperity of the clothing wholesale market is based on the combination of stores and production bases, while processing and selling. The market without manufacturing support can only be seen as a lively "Duckweed market", lacking cost and market foundation.

In light of this, Hankou North Brand Clothing City, a brand-new modern market platform, will guide garment manufacturers as the main force of Hanzheng Street to actively transform and upgrade. The brand clothing city will create a market mode of origin and boost the strong upgrade of Wuhan apparel industry cluster.

According to reports, the brand clothing city will build a model of origin market, covering an area of ​​3,000 acres of garment processing park is a step away from the Hankou mouth. Together with the 300,000-square-meter Hankou North Textile City, the three main bodies of manufacturing, raw materials, and distribution platforms will support each other to form a modern apparel industry cluster, form a joint production and sales, and create a competitive advantage of reduced overall cost through collective efficiency, and build Hankou North. For the national regional apparel brand leader.

A strong clothing industry cluster will support Hankou North Brand Clothing City as one of the most influential garment trading centers in China. “Sales and production will be completed in Hankou North.” The person in charge of the Hankou North Business Logistics Hub Management Committee stated that with the launch of Hankou North Brand Clothing City in the same period, there is also a warehousing and logistics park with a total construction area of ​​1 million square meters.” Large-scale professional and modern processing parks and storage centers can quickly meet the ordering requirements of wholesale market stores, and can also attract many companies to move their production lines to Hankou North. After this industrial cluster gathers, the recovery of Wuhan apparel industry will Speed ​​up."

Backed by the emerging wholesale market, Hanpai clothing brand ushered in the opportunity for recovery. From the perspective of some professionals, local apparel manufacturers and wholesale markets have moved outwards and re-integrated and organized outside Wuhan to form supporting facilities, which further enhanced market competitiveness. Once the silence of the Han school clothing brand, also ushered in a new rise of new hope.

Han school clothing is China's first regional clothing industry after the reform and opening up. During its heyday, there were more than 2,000 garment companies in Wuhan, employing more than 200,000 people. They are also known as the “Haipai, Yuepai, and Beijing Schools” and are called the four major factions in the Chinese clothing industry. However, in the late 1990s, Han school clothes gradually declined. Due to fragmented production, lack of collaboration and innovation, market share in the country has also been falling.

In 2004, the Wuhan Municipal Government put forward the Wuhan Garment Industry Revitalization Plan, which strived to promote clothing branding from a small, scattered, low-level business structure. The output value and sales volume of more than a dozen Hanpai apparel companies exceeded 100 million yuan. , Love, Cat, Reds, Zorme, etc. have grown into strong regional brands. Today, Han school clothing is still on the road to recovery.

Many Hanpai brands have grown up from Hanzhengjie. But when they were full of fledglings, they all left the wholesale market where they depended on for survival and development. The chaos and narrowness of Hanzheng Street, the dilapidated environment and the congested traffic created a huge constraint on brand promotion. However, the wholesale market is actually a fertile ground for brand cultivation. The wholesale market allows buyers to focus on exchanging industry-leading information. We learn from each other, learn from each other, and take the road of brand transformation.

After relocating to Hankou North, Han School Clothing will rely on the upgraded wholesale market to usher in a new opportunity for rejuvenation. According to Tu Guoxi, general manager of Zall Holding Hankou North Group, in addition to supporting 3000-mu industrial parks, Hankou North also has facilities such as Hankou North Passenger Transport Center, freight center, food court, etc. The transportation is very convenient, the cost is very low, and life is very convenient. In the future, manufacturers, accessories market, and wholesale merchants will gather here to form the advantages of the entire industry chain, reduce costs and enhance quality, and will create the core advantages of Hanpai clothing.

Tu Guoxi said that as an upgraded wholesale market, Hankou North Brand Apparel City provided a stage for the promotion of the brand image and culture of the clothing brand, and the past Hanzheng Street was no longer the same. Here a large pool of customer resources is also an indispensable stage for competition of clothing brands. Han School clothing wholesalers will walk through the process of "No license - OEM - Create brand - famous brand" in the north of Hankou to create a brand cluster. The Hankou North Group will also formulate a series of preferential policies to help build a headquarters cluster of mainstream apparel brands in the north of Hankou.

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