The charm of natural crystal stone

Crystal stone

Natural crystals are hard to come by

To say that crystal still has to start from the origin of crystal, natural crystal is formed under natural conditions, growing in the depths of the earth's crust, usually undergoing intense crustal movements such as volcanoes and earthquakes. When the crystal is growing, many growth lines parallel to the axis of the cylindrical tip can be found. Due to the narrow growth space in the ground and caves, especially in the event of an earthquake, or when the earth's crust changes, it is easily squeezed by other ores, often resulting in different "crystal faces" due to compression. When the crystal is still in liquid form, it will often be crystallized with other ores and ash, such as rutile, volcanic marl and so on. All of this is part of nature and has become the most attractive aspect of natural crystal. Natural crystal is a mineral resource, very rare and precious. It belongs to non-renewable resources. With the deepening of development, the storage of crystal has become less and less, so natural crystal has become one of the precious stones.

Type of crystal stone

After the forging of nature, the types of crystals are: obsidian, citrine, amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, red crystal, hair crystal, titanium crystal, powder crystal, tiger eye stone, tea crystal, tourmaline, white crystal, ghost Crystal, red stone, moonstone, amethyst and many more. And each crystal has its own characteristics, which can make people love it.

Popular gameplay now

Nowadays, the most popular way to play is to put the crystal bracelet on your wrist. Crystal bracelets are not only sought after by women, but many men are also very fond of them. Here to say, the bracelets worn by men and women are not the same. Most of the girls are slender, usually wearing a single bead in the range of 6mm to 8mm or 10mm to 12mm. The color of the bracelet can be matched with gems, agate, beeswax and other gemstones. You can also add various pendants. It is mainly cute and beautiful. Boys have thicker wrists and wear to be atmospheric. Crystal beads are generally chosen to be more than 12mm. The color selection should be unified. The matching method should be simple and unified, or a single string of crystal beads, or a simple enamel pendant. In short, it is necessary to give people a feeling of simplicity.

The hottest crystal bracelets of the moment

The most popular crystal bracelets today are amethysts, green ghosts, garnets and hair crystals. Let me introduce you to the following.

Mysterious and romantic amethyst

Amethyst symbolizes peace and security. It is said that amethyst can bring inspiration and wisdom, and another meaning of it is to symbolize love. Further, it is to promote popularity and heterosexuality. To sum up, it can be described by mystery, romance and elegance. Amethyst is the only purple gemstone whose color varies from light purple to deep purple. The finest amethyst requires a bright purple color, pure and not black. The origin of amethyst is relatively wide. The color of amethyst produced in different regions is different, and the degree of nobility is different. The deep purple amethyst produced by Uruguay is the most advanced in the world's fine jewelry stores; in order, it is Korean amethyst (blue-violet), Zambia amethyst (purple with red), Brazilian amethyst (light color) Or black tones in deep purple). Each of the beads of any amethyst bracelet is carefully carved by the engraver, with fine workmanship, good polishing technique, no scratches on the surface, no rough marks, coordinated proportions, and different priorities. Amethyst bracelets are a very good class.

Cornucopia-like green ghost

Green ghost refers to the formation of crystal in the process of engraving green volcanic ash. Of course, there are red ghosts, gray ghosts, flower ghosts, and white ghosts, which are named for the difference in the color of the volcanic ash. It belongs to a kind of crystal. Look at the quality of the color mainly depends on the shape and color of the ghost and the clarity of the crystal. The green ghost can be divided into three types according to the color: cornucopia, Melaleuca, and Gypsophila. In the colorless and transparent crystal, there is a basin-like crystal composed of brown-green chlorite, called "treasure crystal." The chlorite is a sheet-like, polycrystalline, worm-like fine particle. The crystal of the cornucopia is a gathering of wealth and a treasure. It is a kind of crystal that people who do business are particularly fond of. The Melaleuca Tower means that the ghosts are not all gathered at the bottom, but form a layer of structure inside the crystal. The Melaleuca Tower also has a special shape in the color inside, so the crystal value will be very high. Gypsophila is a ghost that is scattered. It does not gather together to form pots or towers, but the stars are scattered in the crystal. In general, the color of the green ghost is best in deep emerald green, and some deep emerald green will shine with light, which is better.

Beautiful garnet

Garnet is a popular crystal in recent years. Garnet is a general term for a class of minerals, so there are many different varieties. Moreover, the color of garnet is affected by ingredients, and there are many colors, among which red is mainly red, purple, rose, and orange; yellow is yellow, orange, and yellow; green is green, olive green, yellow green, and light green. The color of garnet is generally more burgundy. There are some low-priced burgundy garnets on the market, which are probably dyed. The identification method is to put the beads in alcohol, or soak in the nail polish, and the color is the real thing. The crystal clear and crack-free garnet on the market is particularly popular. In addition, the rose red garnet is more precious than the wine red garnet, and the price is also high and more popular. In addition, it is said that garnet can promote metabolism, improve blood circulation, enhance work ability, have beauty and beauty effects, prevent aging, is a kind of crystal stone filled with positive energy, especially suitable for women to wear.

Full-energy hair crystal

The crystal is actually a natural crystal containing different kinds of acicular ore. These kinds of hair acicular minerals are arranged in the interior of the crystal. The whole looks like the crystal contains the hair, so the name is called Hair crystal. The hair crystal is perfect in appearance, pure white and elegant, bright and colorful, and pleasing to the eye. Among them, the blonde crystal in the crystal is a rare thing in the crystal. Only the densely packed block or the densely packed blonde crystal is called the titanium crystal (also known as the crystal king), which is the best in the crystal. Appraised by a jewelry appraiser, reaching the gem level, often worth the price. The rutile crystal with gold and red tone is also very famous. There is also the crystal of the tourmaline mineral known as "multi-color gemstone". Its tourmaline color is very beautiful and charming. In addition, the crystal is endowed by people with a symbol of power, and its powerful energy can make people confident.


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