There are stylish men's 6 shop with the opening of the May Day

April 28, the fashion men's clothing brand personality, ushered in a celebratory day. Shandong Lilac Second Store, Penglai Store in Shandong, Times Square Store in Guangzhou, Huangbu Store in Huizhou, Second Storey Xiashan Store and Guangxi Tianzhang Store opened on Mayday International Day for Labor Day. Congratulations to the 6 stores with the open, business is booming, customer-like cloud! The annual May Day International Labor Day is approaching, will usher in a holiday spending small peak, stylish men's fashion market firmly grasp the opportunity, in the "May Day" in front of more than a dozen new stores. The 6 stores with the open, following the beginning of this month, a stylish men's Guangzhou World Trade Center, Guangzhou Huadu Branch, Puning Pinghu shop, Jiangxi Anyuan shop opened in the same period 4, the terminal store another strong development. Huang, chairman of Guangdong Fashion Co., Ltd., said that for the development of the terminal market, the company insisted in accordance with the planning, not the blind pursuit of the number of shops, the company focus on and guarantee the quality and profitability of each store, which is brand sustainability The basis and guarantee for development. In the goods, terminal management, there are personality costumes are well prepared to ensure that every new store opened a good operation. In recent years, the integration of fashion, casual style of the men's fashion, much like the fashion family's widespread love and chase, the market has great potential for development. A character brand keen to capture the development of this category of market space, fashion style, high-quality products quickly in the fashion men's market breakthrough, a rising star in the market, the rapid development of the brand. This is also a strong proof of the brand's vision at the helm. Deep plowing the brand, in-depth development, the "personality" to create a domestic high-quality fashion men's one of the leading brands, the company's long-term goal of development, and will make unremitting efforts. Character costumes is willing to work together with the majority of dealers friends forward, win the future!

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