Summer seductive big time how sexy and not go away?

The weather is getting hot, so seductive time is also about to start big, want to enjoy their unlimited release of sexy charm afraid of excessive exposure led to the danger of exposure, you want to show attractive curves but suffer from no perfect figure, how to do? Take a look Xiaobian to your recommendation.

Figure: urban thousand beautiful 2014 new underwear

In fact, the Chinese woman's chest does not look so small, just because drooping, external expansion more serious, leading to false flat chest. In fact, as long as the selection of a concentrated effect of good concentration bra can, long-term wear can correct chest type, improve chest deformation.

夏日养眼时间大放送 如何性感有魅力又不会走光?

Figure: urban thousand beautiful 2014 new underwear

In addition to the summer brings a big collar and other clothing to carry away, there is another kind of obvious embarrassment of bra marks exposed, if you like to wear tight, thin and transparent clothing, it is recommended to choose no trace bra, cups do not have too much Decoration, otherwise it will look awkward.

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