Spring travel temperature to choose what kind of clothes on the mirror

Unconsciously, the temperature has been a lot of warmth, taking advantage of summer has not really come, catch the tail of the spring to travel it. Of course, can not be less beautiful clothes for your trip to add highlights, together with you to choose that one.

Figure: Miao Ran women 2014 new

Streaks are not to be missed classic elements, A simple version of the type design is not concise, a word collar, sleeveless tailoring tailored tailor-made for you, the perfect fit your body curves, hem and pinch the double pendulum, Increased the sense of three-dimensional, loose tie a pony tail, is the most top-mirror shape.

春末出游 气温升高 选择什么样的衣服更上镜

Figure: Miao Ran women 2014 new

Large skirt has always been Xianqi full feeling, with the deep V design, the most suitable time to wear to the beach, waist tighten more than wear high stature, but also to receive a fine waistline, with sunglasses and Elegant lace hat, the beach walk.

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