From a young age, Baodi teaches you to buy a child pillow correctly.

Children, especially those under one year old, are an important stage of head development. Choosing a suitable pillow is very beneficial to the baby's head blood circulation and promote growth and development. If improperly selected, it not only affects the physiological function of the head and neck, but also may cause some developmental malformations. So how do you choose and use your pillow correctly? Health begins small, Baodi home textiles for you.

From a young age, Baodi teaches you to buy a child pillow correctly.

Within three months, the newborn baby can be laid down on the same plane without the pillow. The back and back of the head are on the same plane, and the neck and back muscles are naturally relaxed. The baby's head is large, almost the same width as the shoulder, and the head and the body are in the same plane when lying on the side. Therefore, it is not necessary to use pillows in principle. However, due to the fact that people's mattresses are generally soft, there are too many cushions for children's beds. If the newborns use some lower pillows, it is fine.

Children's pillows are suitable for children's pillows to emphasize the applicability of the stage. Different pillows should be used in each period. It is not allowed to use a pillow from small to large, and it is not allowed to use adult pillows for children. The child began to learn to look up after 3 months, and the cervical spine showed a forward physiological curvature. Therefore, in order to maintain physiological curvature and maintain a comfortable position, the baby should start using the pillow 3 months after birth, and a special styling pillow or towel pad can be used three months ago.

The material of the child's pillow should be soft, light, breathable and hygroscopic. It is recommended that the pillow should not be made of soft material. Because the child has many prone postures and is not easy to adjust itself, the soft pillow will have safety problems.

Parents who use children's pillows correctly mistakenly think that the pillows that the baby sleeps hard can make the skull grow strong, and the shape of the head looks good. In fact, this is wrong. The children's skull is soft, and the skull and skull joints are not completely closed. Long-term use of hard pillows, easy to cause head deformation, or one side of the face, one side of the face is small, affecting the appearance of beautiful. Baodi Home Textiles Aide Consultant reminds you that children have strong metabolism, sweating on the head, and easy to soak the pillow during sleep. It is easy to induce facial eczema and scalp infection. Therefore, the baby's pillow core should always be exposed to the sun. It is best to replace the pillow core once a year. The pillowcase should be changed frequently and kept clean.

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